IncrediCon 2019

IncrediCon is a one-day family-friendly comic & pop culture fest at the Galleria at Crystal Run mall in Middletown, NY. On Saturday June 8, this year’s IncrediCon showcased dozens of vendors & artists, as well as special guests like legendary comic book inker Joe Sinnott, writer Joe Caramagna, and puppeteer Jim Martin.

Taking over the entire first floor of the mall, IncrediCon incredibly stretched from one end to the other. Comic book artists were selling their books, prints, and even offering original art. Here is freelance comic artist Ryan G. Browne working on a commission piece of Green Goblin for a fan:

He also had his own prints & trading cards for sale, as well as his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RE [Retailer Exclusive] variant cover (collaborated with Chris Campana). I was able to pick up a few books at this convention including some signed books by Joe Sinnott and a sketch done by Will Torres.

Joe Sinnott’s table (shared with his family members) was constantly energized with excited fans & artists alike, who all wanted to show their appreciation for his work over the years. He was offering a fine selection of comic books, posters, originals, and even selfies!

Fans were also able to track down some of their favorite books to get signed by artists or just to add to their personal collections at home! With several vendors present specializing in comic books, there were boxes & boxes of both vintage and modern books, as well as rarer wall books available:

But IncrediCon wasn’t limited to just comic books!

There were also some great deals on collectibles like action figures, charms, board games, and so much more! Be sure to watch the video at the end of this article for additional sneak peeks…

A show like IncrediCon at the mall is a lot of fun because it’s very family friendly, the parking is easy, and the admission is free! Everyone was welcome to filter in & out between the show & the mall, and maybe even grab a bite to eat in between!

And at IncrediCon, everyone is welcome! There was a special section for IncrediKids, and even face-painting. And if you’re a cosplayer, not to worry because we saw some there too!

Though there were no panels or contests, IncrediCon seems to have everything else to make a 1-day show a lot of fun. Plus, you never know what or who you’ll find! For more information on the next IncrediCon, please visit their Facebook page.

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