Fan Expo Boston 2019

Fan Expo Boston (presented by Boston Comic Con) took over the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from August 16-18, 2019 with countless artists, celebrities, panels, vendors, and so much more! With featured creators like Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, Mike Mignola, and Greg Capullo, comic book fans were arriving with much anticipation all weekend long. And with celebrity headliners like John Travolta, Zachary Levi, Peter Capaldi, and a Boy Meets World cast reunion, pop culture enthusiasts were thrilled for meet & greet opportunities!

Hundreds of vendors and artists also offered a slew of products and artwork that appeal to every fandom you can think of – from anime to animals… from sports to comics… you name it!

Video game specialists Gamemania had a collection of vintage & modern video games for sale, and even a demo station to take a little break while you walk the incredible show floor at Fan Expo! Meanwhile, Controller Chaos displayed some of their beautiful custom designed video game controllers, and even offered a way for you to build your own!

(To see more vendors, be sure to check out the full photo gallery here.)

And, of course, there were plenty of vendors selling popular collectibles such as action figures, lightsabers, mystery boxes, and the ever-desirable Funko Pops!

But being a comic con, that means there needs to be a ton of comic books around and Fan Expo Boston does not disappoint!

A multitude of comic book vendors were found across the convention with anything from dollar books, wall books, CGC slabbed books, and even autographed books!

Comic book companies like DC Comics, Unknown Comics, Scorpion Comics, among others were offering convention exclusive comic books – many of which could be signed by the creators behind them at the very same show! And this is all due to the fact that Fan Expo has a very extensive list of talent found in their Artist Alley. Not only do they have the heavy hitter creators as headliners, but also a lot of well-known variant cover artists, indie publishers, and many up & coming artists & writers as well!

Here, fans lined up early to meet legendary artist Greg Capullo for a signing at his Comic Sketch Art booth:

As well as Hellboy creator Mike Mignola:

Throughout the weekend you could attend panels by many of these guests as they talk about their experiences and industry-specific topics. You can even purchase a ticket to a private panel like the Saturday event with Marc Silvestri which included a signing, photo op, and Q&A. But I think part of the fun is walking around and seeing the special guests enjoy the convention too! You never know who you’ll see walking along side you. In fact, I got to witness Marc Silvestri, Greg Capullo, and Frank Cho casually chatting it up with a fan:

With the size of Fan Expo Boston, there’s absolutely so much to take in so it helps to go in with a game plan. Whether your goal is to collect autographs, walk away with an original piece of art, or just introduce yourself to your favorite artist, there’s no shortage of things to do here!

But keep your eyes peeled! You might miss some fantastic cosplay if you even blink for a second!

Not only were there cosplay groups like the 501st Legion & Rebel Legion, and professional cosplayers like Vamp & Ivy Doomkitty, but also passionate fans like you & me who want to express their zeal through cosplay! And with the massive success of the recent movie Spider-Man: Far From Home, it was so cool to see this steampunk duo of Spider-Man & Mysterio:

And also with the upcoming release of the live-action movie Joker & animated Harley Quinn series, here’s a version of everyone’s favorite clowns based on their appearance from Batman Ninja:

Personally while exploring Fan Expo, I was able to meet the voice actors of Optimus Prime & Megatron from the Transformers cartoon! They signed my 1984 comic book issue #1 and were such a pleasure to talk to and meet.

I also picked up a lot of great comic books along the way including a new book by Sorah Suhng called Karnal Confessions, which I got signed by both her & cover artist Creees:

And absolutely had to swing by the booths of fan-favorite vendors 3D Printing by Muckychris, Jackie Stier Copper Creations, and Corgli! But with hundreds & hundreds of booths, there’s so much more to see at Fan Expo Boston! Be sure to check out the video walkthrough below for more, as well as the full photo gallery.

Fan Expo Boston 2020 is already set for August 7-9, 2020 and I can’t wait for you to check it out!

For more information on Fan Expo, please visit their website or Facebook page


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