Sugarloaf Craft Festival 2020 (Edison, NJ)

Sugarloaf Craft Festival kicked off their 2020 tour with their first spring show in Edison, NJ! From March 6-8, Sugarloaf filled the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center with over 200 vendors featuring high quality handcrafted original crafts. This was just the first of their 11 dates this year so be on the lookout for a Sugarloaf Craft Festival near you!

(And don’t forget to check out more photos in the gallery as well as a video recap at the end of this article!)

This was our second time attending Sugarloaf and it was amazing to see so many returning vendors and new ones too! Categories at this show include fine arts, pottery, woodcrafting, jewelry, leatherworks, and even specialty food! In fact, most food vendors were offering samples of their various dips, cheeses, wines, and so much more… This alone makes the ticket price worth the trip!

Some of our favorites included East Hill Creamery, Balic Winery, Firehouse Donuts, and Chocolate Moonshine’s gourmet fudge:

And as always, Sugarloaf clearly indicates in their directory & in-show signage what state each vendor originated from, spanning coast to coast and high to low! So be sure to keep a map handy at all times because there’s a whole lot of cool things to see. Plus, you can also grab a complimentary bag (and possibly a coupon) to make carrying around your shopping a little easier.

One vendor from New Jersey, High Strung Studios, crafts amazing jewelry using guitar strings! We’re talking about bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more! I picked up one of their show exclusive rings early on before they sold out.

Another popular vendor was Jackie’s Copper Creations who had a booth filled with pop culture references, logos, signage, and custom pieces too. Jackie hand draws all of her works on thin sheets of copper, which makes personalization possible for special gifts!

Natural Renaissance Woodworking also had some beautiful items for sale ranging from keepsake boxes, key racks, pencil cups, and other items all utilizing some very intuitive magnetism to attach & detach.

But among the live demos & performances throughout the weekend (including an interactive children’s theater with Carl Odhner), Black Lab Fabrication caught our attention with his hand-cut saw work using reclaimed wood to create beautiful art. Chip personally showed me some pieces and how they were made, followed by an awesome demonstration:

What’s really great about Sugarloaf is that you can go to as many as you want but vendors will always be restocking, revamping, and recreating absolutely fantastic crafts for you each time. Every visit is like your first! Whether it’s getting to sample & purchase a new sauce you missed out on last time or finally being able to invest in a handcrafted wood table for your dining room, Sugarloaf Craft Festival offers a wide variety of some of the best crafts in the country.

With 10 more shows this year, be sure to check out the Sugarloaf website for more dates & info! And click here for more photos and a video recap below!

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