Creatorcon Q&A Live Streams Debut

Creatorcon (formerly known as Suffolk Comic & Art Expo) is an upcoming comic book convention where creators are the celebrities of the show, surrounded by thousands of wall-to-wall comics as well as countless passionate fans & collectors! The con’s owner & promoter, Phillip Russertt, has done a tremendous job with previous shows, making it all about the comics… and now he brings the excitement of meeting the industry’s best creators directly to you from the comfort of your own home!

Starting July 24, 2020, you can enjoy Q&A live streams featuring incredible creators, artists, and writers through the Creatorcon Facebook page, as well as Phillip Russertt’s personal page. Already announced to appear are Scott Hanna (July 24), Ale Garza (July 28), Will Conrad (July 31), Geraldo Borges (August 7), and Chris Campana (August 11)… with even more on the way!

Many of these creators stay in Artist Alley during comic cons, busy with commissions and other work – so the Creatorcon Q&A streams might be one of the only times you can get a “panel” experience with them! And with most conventions still on hold during the pandemic, this is a great way to hear about their amazing experiences and processes without leaving your house. And who knows, maybe you’ll even get to ask them one of your own questions too!

So until Creatorcon is able to launch with their brand new show, come check out the next best thing! Click here to read our coverage from their previous shows, and be sure to check out the Creatorcon Facebook page for more Q&A announcements and sign up for their official con updates on the Creatorcon website.

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