Kevin Smith’s Mooby’s Pop-Up Restaurant (Red Bank, NJ)

A Mooby’s restaurant has popped up in Red Bank, NJ… but only for a week (September 18-25). Gianni’s Pizzeria temporarily became the fictional fast food restaurant found in Kevin Smith’s cinematic universe, offering a takeout experience that would make even Jay & Silent Bob jealous!

Fans were able to book a pickup time in advance and enjoy the decorated interior complete with menus, movie set replicas, and even some photo ops! Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes made a brief appearance on opening day, but cardboard cutouts were available for anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to see them in person! (Fun fact: Jay even worked at Gianni’s back in the day!)

And while in town, Smith & Mewes also popped by the infamous Quick Stop convenience store in Leonardo, hosted a drive-in version of their podcast “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old”, and promoted local Red Tank Brewery’s special Mooby’s beer.

You might remember Mooby’s from Kevin Smith’s movies: Clerks II, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Well now as it became a reality, each ticket included one “Moo Main” like a Cow Tipper hamburger or Messy Vegan Lasagna Sandwich, and one “Salt Like Side” like Hater Totz or Onion Rings to Rule Them All – with drinks and additional sides available as add-ons. And with the beautiful fall weather approaching, eating outdoors at the socially distanced Mooby’s picnic tables was great!

While waiting for your food to be prepared, the gift shop had some amazing “Secret Stash” (much like the kind you would find in the shop down the street at Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash)… and some of it was even signed by Kevin & Jason from their visit! Then waiting for you outside is the Clerks “I assure you we’re open!” banner, some caricatures of Jay & Silent Bob, and even giant inflatable versions of the duo as Bluntman & Chronic!

I ordered the Messy Vegan Lasagna Sandwich with Hater Totz, plus a drink & chocolate covered pretzels which cost me $36 before fees & gratuity. And unfortunately the meal came in a white paper bag stamped with the Mooby’s logo, and not in the purple takeout boxes that the Hollywood pop-up got. So it may seem a little pricey but remember, this is definitely geared towards hardcore Kevin Smith fans! All in all, it was a fun & safe experience especially during the pandemic and a perfectly fine excuse to get out & visit Red Bank!

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