Our Cards & Collectibles Holiday Show 2022

Our Cards & Collectibles is a monthly trading card & collectibles show in Old Bridge, NJ that features dozens of the best local vendors around. For their 2-day holiday edition, they hosted 40 tables at the Old Bridge Elks Lodge on December 16 & 17.

Each day was a different crowd and a different vendor selection but you could find fan favorite sellers like A&A Treasures, The Card Concierge, Toasty Cards, Jiffy CCG, and LV Nostalgia, all offering great deals for the holidays. We’re talking about raw & graded singles, sealed product, vintage cards, signed memorabilia, Funko Pops, and even comic books! Plus two tables of just supplies:

As it is with other Our Cards & Collectibles events, general admission is $2 but if you want to enter an hour early, you can do so for only $5! And with that, not only do you get a head start to scour for deals but you’ll be one of the first to be a part of the hourly raffles where you can win absolutely free prizes:

This particular Holiday Show had a nice balance of cards (sports & Pokemon) and non-card collectibles. Though other TCG options are scarcer, you might be able to work something out with a vendor if they can bring it in the second day, or if they own a shop. And if you bring in some of your collection, you can sell, trade, or simply get a second opinion on value… it’s all part of the Buy, Sell, Trade motif! And it’s a great way for young collectors to get familiar with the trading card scene:

The Holiday Show was a strong closer to the year and a solid representation of what Our Cards & Collectibles is all about. If you’re local to the central New Jersey area, check out their page for information on 2023 shows so you can check out these trading card events for yourself!


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