SCG Con 2023

SCG Con kicked off their 2023 dates beginning with New Jersey from January 13-15, 2023. Held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, this con was all about the “Magic: The Gathering” and “Flesh and Blood” trading card games.

Put on by Star City Games (above), SCG Con revolves mostly around their gaming events for Magic: The Gathering and Flesh & Blood with MTG Modern/Legacy/Throwback, Flesh & Blood Battle Hardened/Pro Quest/Armory Events, and on-demand Dominaria Remastered booster drafts all weekend long where bundles, packages, and individual event tickets could be purchased online prior to the convention.

SCG Con also offered a special Celebration Package which granted access to the Command Zone & its events, as well as several exclusive items like promotional cards and a playmat. But aside from paying for the actual gaming, the convention itself was free to attend and spectate. Here you can meet with fellow fans, make trades, and even interact with the vendors and artists in attendance.

Magnolia Games, Level Up Games MD, TOA Magic, and Strike Zone were just some of the dozen vendors on-site that brought their best offerings including singles, foils, high-ends, packs, boxes, and even deck supplies from popular brands like Ultimate Guard, Dragon Shield, and Katana. Many vendors were also in the market to buy from players, with some even displaying what they’re specifically looking to buy on big screens.

And not only could you walk away with new cards but also some amazing art from the 5 artists exhibiting at the con! Guest artists Mark Poole, Jeff Laubenstein, RK Post, Mark Tedin, and Coalesce Apparel & Design all brought something different to the table. Prints, mats, paper & metal tokens, acrylic blocks, metal art… you name it!

If you’re a fan of Magic or Flesh & Blood, check out if SCG Con is coming to a city near you! Upcoming stops this year include Indianapolis (February 3-5) and Charlotte (March 3-5).


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