Woodbridge Sports Card Show 2023

New for 2023 is the Woodbridge Sports Card Show, branching out from the more comprehensive Woodbridge Card Show. Debuting alongside their all-new Pokemon Card & Collectibles Show which also launched out of the success of the original Card Show, this solo Sports Card Show is a single day event featuring 65+ vendor tables inside the Woodbridge Hampton Inn’s Avenel Room as usual, in addition to the Colonia & Hopelawn rooms.

Running from 9am-4pm, admission is only $5 at the door and gives you access to some of the best sports dealers in the area. Fan-favorites like Heroes & Legends Collectibles, Heavy Hitter Breaks, The Card Concierge, and Paxter Sports had both sealed & loose deals alike, all kinds of vintage & modern sports cards, customized mystery packs, slabs, and even certified autographs like this Yogi Berra:

On top of that, you could find other collectibles like Funko Pops, athlete action figures, MLB & NFL championship replica rings, and other memorabilia… Plus all sorts of card supplies to store & organize your collection: top loaders, sleeves, binders, and an assortment of holders.

Much like the parent Woodbridge Card Show, feel free to make offers and trades with both vendors and fellow attendees! Bring some of your hits or your whole collection to see if you can strike a deal because you never know what you’ll find! Sports collectibles fans should definitely check out this new show! Check the dedicated Woodbridge Sports Card Show page for upcoming dates.


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