Woodbridge Card Show (2021 Debut)

From the creators of the Toms River Card Show comes a new trading card show that’s located north of their typical Jersey shore events, making their Woodbridge, NJ debut an easier destination to reach for those traveling their way down. The Woodbridge Card Show kicked off their first-ever monthly event on July 24 at the Woodbridge Hampton Inn and featured 40 solid tables of trading cards, sports memorabilia, and other collectibles.

Following the success of their Toms River shows, the Woodbridge debut attracted an amazing crowd of enthusiasts of all ages! Yes, even young collectors were exploring the show all day long, getting the best bang for their buck or trying to strike a deal with vendors. Seasoned card veterans were also seen with entire collections for sale and/or trade, which is great because the vendors here weren’t just sellers but fellow fans!

Though the show ran from 10am-3pm for only $3, Early Birds could enter at 8am for $10 to maximize their time to find just the things they want! And everything you could need in regards to trading cards could be found here: sports, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Marvel/DC, and Pokemon as far as the eye can see!

Some vendors were even carrying trading card supplies that are in high-demand these days, while others branched out and displayed raw comic books, graded comic books, pop culture collectibles, and even Funko Pops:

But a newer vendor that stood out at the show was RifPrints who not only was selling Pokemon cards, but custom 3D printed items like a Lady Loki/Sylvie horned headband, assorted pop culture keychains, and these amazing Pokemon themed displays:

The Squirtle stands could be used to hold up your favorite cards, their custom 3D printed Ancient Mew card, or even your phone! RifPrints says they’re working on some new designs so stay tuned for those!

Meanwhile, sports fans can rejoice! There are lots of sports memorabilia at the Woodbridge Card Show. Not strictly limited to cards, but also jerseys, helmets, hockey pucks, signed baseballs (sometimes even authenticated by Beckett Authentication Services), and so much more! And speaking of authentication, you can certainly find graded cards all throughout the show as well.

Beckett, PSA, SCG, CGC… you name it! There was a great selection of graded sports and TCG cards, as well as authenticated autograph cards and relic cards, too. While many were high grades, there were some more affordable low grade options if you’re just beginning to build your slabbed card collection. And the beauty of a show like the Woodbridge Card Show is that all levels of expertise are welcome! So feel free to chat with the vendors or with fellow collectors to learn more about the hobby and how to achieve your own personal goals.

All in all, whether you’re looking for a hyper rare card or a booster box of your favorite trading card set, definitely check out the next Woodbridge Card Show (show schedule can be found here) and plan accordingly if you should attend with General Admission or as an Early Bird because those extra 2 hours could really help!

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