Emu Cards Trading Card Show (August 2022)

The Emu Cards Trading Card Show is a quarterly event organized by New Jersey natives & longtime friends Derek Smith, Jason Cosma, and Tom Holokwa. The summer show on August 20th was once again held at the Elks Lodge in Middlesex, NJ and featured over 30 vendor tables filled with all things trading cards.

While most of the tables were set for assorted sports cards & memorabilia, a quarter of the vendors did specialize in Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, and even some comic book & pop culture trading card selections! Admission was only $3 at the door (with kids under 12 entering for free) and door prizes were announced hourly from 9am-3pm, giving you plenty of time to browse, trade, and shop for cheap packs, autographs, singles, relic & patch cards, complete sets, mystery packs, and of course plenty of graded slabs:

Not to mention, a few tables of just trading card supplies like pages, sleeves, cases, and slab protectors! And with some of the best local vendors around, you’ll likely need to stock up on supplies so that your latest pickups from the show stay pristine. We’re talking about fan-favorite vendors like Jwongboutique, Heavy Hitter Breaks, Low Pop City, Cenzo’s Collectibles, Pokemon Puller, and dozens others.

The folks over at Emu Cards put on a solid local show that’s worth checking out! Reasonable prices from vendors who are willing to work with you, great venue with plenty of free parking, and incredible refreshments that benefit U.S. Veterans. You won’t want to miss out on their next quarterly event which is slated for December 2022. Stay tuned on their Instagram page for up-to-date announcements!


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